About Urberg

Urberg is based in Sweden and deliver clothes, shoes and equipment for both beginners in hiking and for the more experienced hikers. In Scandinavia we have a long tradition of outdoor life. From young age and as older and we at Urberg think that all generations deserve to be outside and explore the outdoor. People feel good when being outside to breath the fresh air and it is the place where we all hang out on the same conditions. Urberg deliver products that fits all different adventures – for all small and big adventurers.

Urberg stands for a sustainable outdoor lifestyle with a Scandinavian mindset.

Focus areas


With a focus on durability and long-lasting performance, our outdoor gear and apparel are made to withstand most weather, whether you’re hiking through rugged terrain or enjoying nature’s tranquility. Combining minimalist aesthetics with functionality, we offer stylish and reliable products for outdoor enthusiasts.


We offer affordable quality materials to our outdoor gear made for outdoor entusiasts of all levels. With durable materials, our products are designed withstand most outdoor adventures whether it is hiking or camping.


From responsibly sourced materials to eco-conscious manufacturing practices, our products is crafted with the environment in mind. Embrace the nature while making a positive impact with Urberg’s sustainable gear. As we are connected to 1% for the planet, join us in our mission to help create a greener future.